About Poremo Tanks

Glass coated (enameled) steel tanks is used for potable or fire water storage, effluent storage and processing, liquid manure storage, as a digester for biogas or as oil tank. There is planty of ways to use glass coated steel tanks in different industries. Glass coated tanks do not require maintenance even after 20 years of use, just clean  with water and it will shine as new. It do not requires any welding or repairing works after several year as an ordinary steel tank. It can be installed just in few days or weeks, installation time depends on tank size. Tanks are produced according to ISO 28765-2008 standard, every single panel is tested in labaratory to avoid cracs and future problems when tank is installed. Tanks are produced according to customer request up to 15000m3, available wide range of colours. For any questions please contact us.

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